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Bucket List

  1. live in France
  2. release original music
  3. nanny in a different country
  4. learn Latin
  5. live in a house with a giant library
  6. fall in love over and over
  7. adopt a child
  8. write a story with a happy ending
  9. make a documentary
  10. speak French
  11. play piano. A lot.
  12. learn to sing in front of people
  13. act in a professional theater
  14. get my blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do
  15. travel cross-country
  16. go skinny dipping under the full moon
  17. have a beautiful collection of maps
  18. draw more
  19. paint with watercolors frequently
  20. publish a book of poetry
  21. learn how to tango
  22. live in an unschooling house
  23. publish at least one novel
  24. direct a movie with a screenplay that I wrote
  25. learn to be vulnerable
  26. read through the entire dictionary
  27. be helpful
  28. have a giant flower garden
  29. always have freshly baked desserts in my house
  30. open my house to travelers (especially unschoolers)
  31. travel lots
  32. live in a house with a secret passageway
  33. connect to the present moment
  34. continue to have close relationships with my family
  35. drink lots of tea
  36. work in a tea shop
  37. work in a coffee shop
  38. learn to cook Indian food
  39. learn to give really good massages
  40. get a tattoo
  41. go to the Unschooling Adventure writing retreat (at least once)
  42. take lots of pictures
  43. write an article for a newspaper
  44. learn to play guitar
  45. learn to play ukulele
  46. work with kids who have a disability (mental and/or physical)
  47. be passionate about everything I do
  48. Write letters to political prisoners
  49. don’t apologize for being myself
  50. be forgiving
  51. accept imperfections
  53.  continue to create goals for myself
  54. Remember that kindness is always the best option
  55. hold on to the things that are important
  56. take time to clear my head and figure out what is important
  57. work for the things that I really want
  58. do yoga every day
  59. teach people about unschooling
  60. be an honest person
  61. listen
  62. find magic in my everyday life
  63. accept emotions
  64. take a ballroom dancing class
  65. take some interesting classes
  66. make decisions I feel good about
  67. go for long walks
  68. have a family
  69. unschool my children
  70. learn to hula hoop
  71. learn to use fire fans
  72. go to Japan
  73. go to South America
  74. eat locally
  75. learn to belly dance
  76. go to Montreal
  77. go to a big music festival
  78. make my own cook-book
  79. learn to make yummy lattes
  80. play original music in front of a semi-large audience
  81. go back to NBTSC (as a camper and/or staffer)
  82. learn to knit sweaters
  83. eat midnight snacks.  Often.
  84. write all the time (as many different ways as I can)
  85. twirl in skirts
  86. own an old Victorian house with a tower
  87. be a crazy cat lady
  88. go to Burning-Man festival
  89. learn how to make chocolate
  90. believe in myself
  91. help others to believe in themselves
  92. start a blog
  93. learn about video production
  94. read good books
  95. daydream often
  96. learn Italian
  97. go to Italy
  98. fight for the things important to me
  99.  Let go of things that I don’t need to hold onto anymore
  100. Welcome new people and things into my life

6 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Our bucket lists match up pretty nicely. And I think it’s a sigh that we need to work together on all things traveling and travel the world together! ❤


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