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Nobody Likes Mondays

Nobody likes Monday mornings
work, school, another long week
the pointless meetings, the lack of sleep

Nobody likes the end of a weekend
which are quite (apparently) relaxing
Personally, I’ve never found them to be
all that they’re cracked up to be

Nobody likes Monday mornings
Well, almost no one, ‘cept me.
I like the quiet, the 7:00 alarm
When everyone else is still desperately
trying to hold onto the last wisps of sleep

And drinking my coffee by the window
And waiting for the sunrise
And the car to take me away
And waiting for the child with whom 
I’m going to play

Nobody likes Mondays
But maybe that just means
nobody is happy

I spend my Mondays with a child
Who makes me smile
Just yesterday he said to me
that he wanted to sit next to me on the
“park bench” (an old brown step)
for ever and ever

And if I had the time
I would 
sit there, forever, holding hands.

Unfortunately, Mondays have to end.


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