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Midnight Musings

It’s the middle of August, and it’s been chilly for the last week.  A few trees are starting to change from summer green to warm red and gold.  Although it is still summertime, in this corner of New England it begins to feel like Autumn is only just around the corner.  While summer has always been my favorite time of year, and this summer has felt even shorter than most, I feel ready for fall more than most years.

Curling up in big sweaters, with good books, tea, and perhaps a cat or two sounds lovely right now. After working many hours this summer at the local newspaper and at my nannying job, I’m ready for more sleep and soft blankets. Rainy days and quiet music are my paradise.

And I am ready for the adventures this fall will bring.  In less than two months I will be venturing off on my own for the first extended period of time.  I say on my own, but the truth is I will be with some of my favorite people, and I will be meeting many more wonderful people.

After that who knows where I will be for sure?  There are so many beautiful places to go; so many interesting people to meet…my wandering feet can take me anywhere I choose.

Some days I can barely wait for the adventures to begin…but tonight I am content to be in my own comfortable bed.


One thought on “Midnight Musings

  1. mmmm….such lovely images….i can so readily see you in your high nest, cozied up….and i am so excited for your adventures to come! xoxox.


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