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Writer’s Block

I’ve never been entirely sure if I believe in writer’s block, and yet…it happens to me all the time.

I’ve been sitting at my computer for close to an hour, with so many words in my head, and yet I have not written more than a few sentences. I have always been a writer, and I have always had trouble writing.

I believe there are two kinds of words. The first kind is the kind that I wish I could write. The kind where I read about something, or think of something that is important to me and I want to write about it. To communicate how this relates to me, and why I believe it is important.  The writing that can be edited until it reads perfectly, and every paragraph is spaced perfectly. There are no typos or cross-outs or bad puns (well maybe a couple). This kind of writing I have to force myself to do. And sometimes something useful and interesting comes out of it.

And then there are the words that need to be written. The words that I couldn’t stop from pouring out if I built a dam to keep them in. The kind that tumble loosely through my mind and out through my pen. The kind that wake me up at 3am already formed in a poem.

I think I experience writer’s block when I try to force the first kind of words. But to avoid writer’s block all I really need to do is let go and let the words that need to be written be written. And maybe there are typos, and maybe I forget a comma.  But I want my writing to be raw and authentic.  To be filled with emotion and truth.  I want my writing to resonate and to make people laugh and cry, and learn about who I am.

Maybe I won’t always succeed at that, but if I don’t reach for the sky I will never touch it.


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