Posted in Unschooling

Update from last week….

I woke up this morning to a beautiful view out my window. After last week’s perpetual sunshine and blue sky it was refreshing to wake up to gray clouds and wet pavement. Through the gray clouds I could just barely see a hint of blue, and there was one cloud nestled at the foot of the mountain. Just outside my window is a lovely aspen tree with golden-brown leaves still attached, occasionally fluttering to the ground.

It’s a sleepy kind of day that makes me grateful to be able to curl up with tea and a book of poetry.

I’m so grateful to be in this place, beginning to make genuine connections with some of the people here. I look forward to the next few weeks of cuddling and talking and writing and making deeper connections. But for now it’s nice to be half asleep in my bed just thinking about the magical things to come.


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