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in short.

May 30th seems like years ago, and I sit now in quiet Vermont moments once again, nearly three months since I have posted anything on this blog.

Worlds of change have occurred, and yet so many moments it seems as though nothing has changed at all.  Perhaps that is the way of life.  Overwhelming amounts of change and stagnancy happening simultaneously.

I could perhaps try to fit everything into simple prose and tell the world all that I can remember has happened, but this has never been my strong suit and tends to make me dread writing as an unfriendly task instead of letting it run into my open arms, as words are so often wont to do.  So to prevent the forced nature of writing I will instead let the poetry and music I’ve written in the past few months speak for itself, and post it as I am inclined over the next few days.  To begin, here is a refrigerator poem I wrote this morning.



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