Posted in Poems

If you follow me…

you will get lost in the woods.  You will be barefoot and quite possibly uncomfortable.  You will walk through puddles, and you might slip and fall in the mud.  You will stay outside through the rainstorms and the ninety degree sunshine.

and even when we have landed in arranged marriages with the daylight we will still flirt with mistress moonshine.

If you follow me we might walk in circles, and I might not always acknowledge your presence and sometimes I will run off ahead with seemingly no thought of you.  We will most definitely climb trees higher than most people think they should be climbed.

And then we will see things that take our breath away and for every scratch or bruise that mars our skin we will have a new memory to hold.

And if you take my hand I will not let go.  Because darling, I don’t miss you anymore but I don’t miss you any less and your hands are warm and, after all, puddles are more fun with friends.


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